History of the Foundation

Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Powers, founder of the Ross Powers Foundation and the Level Field Fund, grew up in a single-parent household with limited financial resources. Despite his talent, drive, and commitment, he would not have had the chance to succeed in the sport of snowboarding without generous financial support from individuals in his community.

Since its formation in 2001, the Ross Powers Foundation has been committed to supporting the growth of world-class performers by offering assistance to promising athletes with financial need, following the belief that one's opportunity to achieve excellence in sport should not be limited by their economic situation.

The impact of the Ross Powers Foundation has been real and has positively affected athletes well beyond its roots in snowboarding. The Foundation has provided critical funding to dozens of deserving athletes from across the United States competing in sports ranging from snowboarding to skateboarding, skiing to kayaking, and skeleton to taekwando. Thanks to the support of of the Foundation, grant recipients have further advanced their athletic pursuits and achieved success that otherwise would not have been possible in national and international competitions, including representing Team USA in the Olympic Games.

Through his own personal experience, and through the efforts of his Foundation, Ross has witnessed first-hand the existance of a critical gap in funding that serves as a major barrier for talented athletes. Seeking to expand his efforts and bridge the gap in athlete funding on a larger scale, Powers has joined forces with leading athletes from a variety of sports to establish a new Foundation program, the Level Field Fund.

The Ross Powers Foundation is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization and as other than a private foundation within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 509(a).

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